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About Us

Micro Surface Corporation started out in 1919 as Timesaver Products Company Inc., makers of TimeSaver Lapping Compounds. It served manufacturers for the military and automotive industries with worldwide distribution of its product. Over the years many users have been found for the compound including lapping bearings, machine tools, molds and more.

In the early 1980s, the company was renamed as Micro Surface Corporation to add new technologies to its manufacturing arsenal. Seeing the need to apply dry lubricants in the hi-tech industries, Micro Surface successfully was able to transfer lubricant technology developed by NASA to commercial applications.

Since then it has expanded its offerings to include WS2 coating services. The WS2 product was originally developed for the Mariner Space Mission as a permanent lubricant, today it is used on countless applications from gears and bearings to molds and robotics automation.

The next advancement came by improving the method of coating with the introduction of their proprietary process SL-39 which dramatically improves the finish and overall quality of the coating.

At a customer’s request, Micro Surface Corporation was asked to apply molybdenum disulfide utilizing the same process. The experiment was a success and MoS2 coating was added to our service capabilities.

Today, Micro Surface Corporation is located in San Jose, California, the heart of the Silicon Valley. We continue to provide dry film lubricant coating services throughout the country and ship our Timesaver Lapping Compounds all around the world.

We have been under our current ownership since 2003 and are looking for ways to expand our presence in the coating and lapping/finishing arenas while maintaining the high level of quality and customer service our customers have relied on for years.

Micro Surface Corporation is continuously looking for new coating processes to offer as well as developing new products to add to its line