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Yellow Label Lapping Compounds

Babbitt, Brass, Bronze and Aluminum

Micro Surface Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of all Timesaver products. Yellow Label Lapping Compounds will not embed into any metal surface and will not continue to cut.

Mix Timesaver Compound with oil as you use it and only the amount needed for the particular job to be done. Keep well mixed.

Technical Data

Timesaver Lapping Compounds are formulated to first act as an abrasive, then diminish to a polish and finally to inert material.Other ingredients in the compound conglomerate the fines to prevent embedding in the metal being lapped.

All compounds have a range of particle sizes with most of the work being done by the largest particles. The selection of the grade depends more upon the amount of metal to be removed than the finish because of the abrasive breaks down to a finer and finer size and eventually to a polish material.


Split Bearings  Mix Timesaver Compound with light or medium oil to the consistency of a thin paste and apply to the bearing halves. Add a little oil to the surfaces; also apply oil to the shaft. Bolt up cap – not too tightly, just so the shaft can be easily turned by hand; then proceed to lap.

At intervals add sufficient oil to the surfaces to prevent them from becoming dry. Take upon bearings gradually as high spots are removed, applying fresh compound when necessary. When a full-bearing surface has been obtained, tighten the cap to the final fit, add a few drops of oil and continue to lap for a short time without adding fresh compound.

This operation produces a final finish and proper running oil clearance, which should not be changed or varied after the bearing has been flushed out with diesel oil or Stoddard Solvent for final assembly.

Timesaver-lapped bearings should not feel as tight as scraped or machined bearings because no allowance is necessary for the wearing-down of high spots. Lapped bearings are the same as broken-in bearings.

Sleeve Bearings – Fit bearings snugly to shaft. Apply Timesaver mixed with oil to bearing and shaft. Insert shaft and lap with a twisting motion, adding oil frequently until proper clearance is obtained. Flush out with diesel or Stoddard Solvent.

Hot Bearings  Mix a small amount of Timesaver with oil. The mixture must be very thin. Apply freely to bearings and shaft through oil holes. Rotate the shaft. Add the thin mixture until the bearing is free. Then flush out with diesel or Stoddard Solvent and lubricate as in normal practice.

Gears – Mix Timesaver Compound with oil proportions of about one part Timesaver to three or four parts of oil (by volume). The use of heavy oil is advisable as this procedure prevents the mixture from being thrown from the gears and wasted.

Apply mixture sparingly either by pouring or with a paintbrush. When gears run quietly, flush out with diesel oil or Stoddard Solvent.

Yellow Label lapping Compounds


Fitting Babbit bearing, brass valves, bronze bushings, bronze worm gears, fitting brass, Babbitt and other soft metal guides, cooling down hot journal bearings without disassembly and similar uses.