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Industries We Serve

Micro Surface Corporation Dry Film Lubricants, Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2), Tungsten Disulfide (WS2), Timesaver Lapping Compound, MIL-PRF-46010 are used in applications in a variety of industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Products, Energy application, etc.

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Aerospace Solid and Dry Film Lubricants   Meeting Definitive Aerospace Coating Requirements Micro Surface Corporation applies a variety of industrial lubricant products, which can support the needs of the aerospace

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Solid Dry Film Lubricants Coating Solutions for Automotive Applications Solid film lubricants are extensively used in the automotive industry. Micro Surface Corporation specializes in applying dry film lubricants for a

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Providing Extensive Protection to Metal Components in Energy Applications Micro Surface Corporation has always been a leading provider of coating solutions for the energy industry. We utilize decades of experience

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Dry Lubricants in Medical Devices   Providing lubrication and corrosion protection to Medical Applications Continual advances in the medical arena are leading to the development of medical products that benefit

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Industrial Manufacturing and Automation

Supporting Industrial Machinery and Automated Equipment with Dry Film Lubricants Automated equipment has become a necessity in industrial manufacturing processes. Dry film lubricants can be used to enhance the performance

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Consumer Products

Supporting the Manufacturing of Durable Consumer Products At Micro Surface Corporation, we understand the importance of protective coatings in the manufacturing of industrial as well as consumer products. We utilize

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Food and Beverage

Enhancing Food and Beverage Operations Using Dry Film Lubricants Micro Surface Corporation understands the importance of dry film lubricant coatings in food and beverage processing and packaging applications. Our dry

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Dry Film & Solid Film Lubricants Military and For Defense Equipment The military is one of the largest users of dry film lubricants. Military field testing continues to be one

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Mechanical Components and Accessories

Dry Film Lubricants for Bearings, Coatings, Castings, Mechanical Seals, and Sealing Surfaces Microsurface Corporation provides engineered coating solutions for industrial machine components such as bearings, castings, mechanical seals, and other

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USP Class VI Standard Wear and Anti-galling Resistant Dry Film Lubricants for the Pharmaceutical Industry: The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most competitive, and rapidly growing manufacturing sectors. Today,

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Plastics Tooling and Molding

Wear and Friction Resistant Dry Film Lubricants for High-Density Plastics Microsurface Corporation provides proven dry film coating solutions for the plastics industry. These coating systems have helped solve various issues

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Print and Packaging

High-performance Dry Film Lubricants for the Print and Packaging Industry Microsurface Corporation provides a wide selection of dry film coatings to enhance the performance and efficiency of machines used in

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