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Test Kits

Yellow and Green Timesaver Lapping Compound Test Kits

Timesaver lapping compounds are used for smoothing and fitting the bearing surfaces of oscillating, rotating, or sliding parts of a machine.
These compounds are engineered for easy fitment of any metal surface. At Microsurface Corporation, we offer timesaver lapping compounds for ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces.

Types of Timesaver Lapping Compounds

Timesaver lapping compounds are offered in the following classes:

  • Green Label Lapping Compounds: These compounds are engineered for ferrous metals like iron and steel. The green label compound produces a precision fit to surfaces where they are applied. It is available in the following grades:
    • 55N: Coarse
    • 77N: Medium
    • 111N: Fine
    • 333N: Very Fine


  • Yellow Label Lapping Compounds: These compounds are engineered for non-ferrous metals like brass, Babbitt, copper, and aluminum. It is also available in four grades:
    • 40N: Coarse
    • 80N: Fine
    • 60N: Medium
    • 100N: Instrument Grade


Test Kits – Full and Half Kits

Both these compounds are available in economical half and full kits.

  • Each green or yellow half kit comprises four 3-ounce tins – one of each grade.
  • A full-grade kit comprises of eight 3-ounce tins (one of each grade) of both the yellow and green compounds.


Timesaver Lapping Compounds Come in Powder Form

Timesaver Lapping Compounds are supplied in powder form and are to be mixed with oil or grease prior to use. They have an infinite shelf life (keep dry until use) and are economical as you only mix the amount required for the application.

Directions for use are included with each shipment and for additional reference, you can download the Precision Finish Booklet from our website by clicking here.

Test Kits


Fitting Babbit bearing, brass valves, bronze bushings, bronze worm gears, fitting brass, Babbitt and other soft metal guides, cooling down hot journal bearings without disassembly and similar uses.