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Dry Film Lubricants by Micro Surface Corporation

Micro Surface Corporation is a leader in the application of dry film lubricants. They are also known as solid film lubricants that are employed between two surfaces for the purpose of reducing wear, lowering friction and preventing corrosion.They are typically utilized in adverse environments where specific hydrocarbon based lubricants such as grease and oil are not effective. These lubricants can also be used for metal wear protection in certain applications.

Dry film lubricants prevent cold welding, galling, and fretting. Since they can be used in extreme environments, the typical conditions include low or very high temperatures, vacuum applications, extreme pressures, and several different hard to approach applications which require long term lubrication benefits.

Our most common lubricants are Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) and Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2). These substances, along with graphite, are dichalcogenides and have a complete lamellar lattice structure. The structural integrity and formation of these substances is quite remarkable. Here’s what Micro Surface Corporation dry film lubricants own in terms of structure.

Structural Formation

  • The dry lubricant in the dichalcogenide family has weak Van Der Waals forces, but strong ionic bonds in the basal planes.
  • It is an arrangement of vertically placed plates (basal planes) that is supported by long unstable legs that is listed under the weak Van Der Waals force.
  • The structure gets ruptured under applied lateral force, wherein, the legs collapse and the related plates slip out of the position.

Nevertheless, the friction in a system is not determined by the metal to coating, or metal to metal contact but alternatively, when our dry film lubricants are applied to the system, friction is ascertained within the lubricant itself. Micro Surface Corporation is the best in the application of WS2 per Process SL-39 (DOD-L-85645 Type 1 and AMS2530) and MoS2 in conformance with MIL-PRF-46010 and AS5272, and other similar to AMS2526. Kindly visit us at for more information.

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