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How to Apply Dry Film Lubricants

Dry film lubricants/ solid lubricants are used when conventional oils and/or greases will not provide sufficient lubrication due to extreme operating conditions, i.e. vacuum, extreme temperatures, reduce particulate contamination, infrequent disaasembly, corrosion prevention etc.. Various products made from metal, ceramics and some manmade plastics are coated with dry lubricants for enhanced longevity, efficient use, anti-galling and reduced friction.

There are different ways in which you can apply a dry film lubricant to your component. The application method will depend on the complexity of the component being coated and the desired location of the dry film lubricant.

Different methods that can be used for applying dry film lubricants:

Some of the most commonly used application methods for dry/ solid lubricants are:

  • Immersing/ Dipping the Object in Lubricant: This method is common for large batches of fasteners, small ID components and situations where spraying is not possible or desirable. Dip-Spin equipment is often used in these type of applications
  • Spraying Technique: This is the most common application method for the majority of dry/solid film lubricants. This is a line of sight application method and is only restricted by either small diameters, internal bends, long lengths, etc. Equipment utilized will be dependent on the type of lubricant being applied.
  • Burnishing: This method is not very common and typically the least effective in regard to bonding. This process utilizes the lubricant, typically in powder form and either a prepared surface or a carrier such as Isopropyl Alcohol, which is then manually rubbed onto the part until a coating is obtained

Dry film lubricants can also be utilized as additives to convention oils and greases to increase their performance and longevity. Microsurface Corporation, , specializes in the application of dry film lubricants. Please contact us today about your application and start increasing the life of your machinery. Microsurface Corporation – The Answer to Tough Friction Problems!

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