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Everything You Wanted to Know About Timesaver Lapping Compounds

Machining is a very important process in any manufacturing facility. Various machining techniques are adopted by manufacturers for building a perfect product. Lapping is one such prominent machining technique where two material surfaces are rubbed against each other with an abrasive placed between them. This process is performed to flatten the surface, minimize its roughness, or improve the surface appearance of a metal. Manufacturers use various types of lapping abrasives to ease the process. In this post, we will concentrate on Timesaver Lapping Compounds, which are one of the popular types of lapping abrasives used by manufacturers.

A Brief Introduction to Timesaver Lapping Compounds

As the name suggests, these lapping compounds are designed to reduce lapping times. These abrasives are non-charging in nature and manufactured for the purpose of smoothening the bearing or contacting surface of oscillating, rotating, or sliding parts.

Timesaver Lapping Compounds were first formulated and marketed by the Timesaver Products Company in 1919. Over the years, the company name has changed, and relocated, still these compounds are in demand. Today, it is manufactured by Microsurface Corporation in San Jose, CA, and distributed worldwide.

Beneficial Features of Timesaver Lapping Compounds

When the market is flooded with lapping abrasives, how do Timesaver Lapping Compounds make a difference? Read below to know the answer.

  • Quick Cutting Action: These compounds help quicken the cutting action. The cutting is very rapid in the beginning and gradually starts diminishing when abrasive particles start disintegrating into non-operative metal.
  • No Charging Abrasives: These compounds are free from components such as ground glass, emery, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, or any other type of charging abrasives. Unlike several other lapping abrasives, these compounds do not charge into any metal surface.
  • Helps Maintain Integrity of the Metal Surface: The Timesaver Lapping Compounds provide effective finishing action by removing surface irregularities, as well as surplus components on the surface. These compounds help maintain the structural properties of the metal surface.
  • Available in Various Grades: The non-charging abrasive compounds are provided in the following grades:
    • Coarse Grade: This grade is ideal for rough lapping/first cuts.
    • Fine Grade: This grade is ideal for polishing and finishing.
    • Medium Grade: This grade is ideal for general lapping.
    • Very Fine Grade: This grade is ideal for polishing and finishes lapping.
  • Ideal for Soft and Hard Metals: The compounds are designed for hard and soft metals. The soft metal compounds are distinguished by their yellow label and hard metals with their green label. (Click here to read about the types of timesaver lapping compounds).

All the above-mentioned reasons will help you understand why these compounds are preferred by machinists. To buy these lapping compounds, or for more information on these compounds, please contact us at

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