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How Can Dry Film Lubricants Low Friction Coatings be Useful for You?

Dry film lubricants, which are also referred to as solid lubricants are basically used to reduce friction caused between two or more surfaces. Therefore, they are also referred to as low friction coatings. These solid coatings are used in almost all environments, such as high and low pressures, high and low temperatures, as well as high and low shaft speeds. These lubricants are of great help, when oils and liquids cannot be used, and in some cases in conjuction with other lubricants. Dry film lubricants, in a way, can be considered as a good option for fluid lubricants. Along with reducing the friction, these lubricants can also prevent galling and seizing, particularly in the environments with low or high temperature, where fluids tend to freeze or vaporize. These coatings are being used widely in a vast variety of industries. This post will give you comprehensive information about dry film lubricants or low friction coatings.

What are the Different Types of Dry Film Lubricants?

Here are some most common solid lubrications, which are used as dry film coatings:

  • Molybdenum Disulfide: Molybdenum disulfide coatings are also sometimes referred to as moly dry film lubricants or MoS2 coatings. These coatings are primarily used in different high load bearing applications. Some moly dry film lubricants consist of additional high-performance resins, which help improve their bond with the base material of the coated part.
  • Xylan: Xylan is basically a mixture of fluoropolymers of low friction in a matrix of tough organic polymers. The fluoropolymer coating is highly resistant to corrosion, heat, cold, friction, and chemicals. It has amazing surface wear characteristics.
  • Fluoropolymer: Fluoropolymers are solid film lubricants or superior dry lubricants, which help create a hard, smooth, and slick finish. They have a very low coefficient of friction.

What makes Dry Film Low Friction Coatings so Popular?

The low friction coatings find their use in a wide range of applications, thanks to the benefits that it provides. Following are some key benefits of low friction coatings:

  • The dry film lubricants are a great alternative to hazardous lubricants.
  • These low friction coatings are environmentally friendly, and thus safe to work with.
  • These types of coatings are either water based or solvent based.
  • They are perfectly suited for high pressure applications.
  • These dry film lubricants are very much economical, and thus help save large costs.
  • The solid lubricants can be used efficiently in high, as well as low temperature applications.
  • Routine maintenance is not required for these coatings, thus reducing maintenance costs.
  • Different types of contaminants are repelled by these coatings.
  • They are capable of providing superior adherence.
  • The low friction coatings are operational even in extreme weather conditions.

With this, you will get a basic understanding of dry film lubricants and low friction coatings. Yet, there is still much more to understand. Are you interested in knowing more about these types of coatings? Do you want to apply these low friction coatings in your industrial application? If so, then make sure you deal with an authorized and experienced player in the field. One such leading provider of dry film lubricants is Microsurface Corporation in San Jose, California. The company is an expert applicator and supplier of different types of coatings to a wide range of industries, varying from aerospace, medical, automotive, energy, and so on.

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