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Tag: Low Friction Coatings

How Can Dry Film Lubricants Low Friction Coatings be Useful for You?

Dry film lubricants, which are also referred to as solid lubricants are basically used to reduce friction caused between two or more surfaces. Therefore, they are also referred to as low friction coatings. These solid coatings are used in almost all environments, such as high and low pressures, high and low temperatures, as well as high and low shaft speeds.

8 Things About Low Friction Coatings That You Never Knew

Low friction coatings are popular types of industrial coatings used today. These coatings are named so due to their low coefficient of friction. There are various types of low coefficient of friction coatings such as PTFE, Molybdenum Disulfide, Tungsten Disulfide, etc. Although all these coatings are designed to reduce the friction between two surfaces, there are still many things that you may not know about them. This post concentrates on different aspects of these coatings, which were earlier not touched upon.

What Makes MoS2 Low Friction Coatings So Popular?

Molybdenum Disulfide Coatings, or MoS2 coating is also known by the name Moly coatings. These coatings are among the most widely used and most popular form of solid film lubrication today. These coatings help reducing wear between two mating surfaces. What are the advantages of using the Moly coatings? What are its applications? Read on the following post to know.

An Introduction to Low Friction Coatings

Friction plays an immense role in the wear and tear of metal components. The right amount of friction can help the operation of certain machines like engines, electrostatic generators, and machine shop tools. However, excess friction can lead to degradation of parts. To meet both requirements, a certain type of coating is required, which will enable surfaces to make contact with each other, while ensuring less component degradation. Low friction coatings are the solution to this requirement.