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Latest Marine Applications of Tungsten Disulfide

As a dry film lubricant, tungsten disulfide is well-known for its use in automobile applications. Indeed, it has been proven that tungsten disulfide can drastically reduce fuel consumption and increase savings. Now another industry is reaping the benefits of this wonderful industrial product. Read on to learn more.

Fulfilling a Long Unattended Need in the Marine industry

The marine industry has faced many problems concerning marine vehicles and engines. A common problem that is faced by all marine vehicle owners is the drying of engine parts. This usually takes place when engines are allowed to be unused for weeks with regular startups. When such engines are turned on after a long period, all the oil that was present in the crankshaft has gone dry. This results in a breakdown of the engine.

WS2 fuel additives have been around in the market for a few years. Now a new product has come out in the market, where the WS2 lubricant has been combined with mineral oil. This has resulted in an engine fuel with a nano layer that can quickly and conveniently lubricate parts and improve engine performance of marine vehicles. The solution to this problem was the mineral oil with the WS2. The nano layer of the lubricant creates a protective coating around the crankshaft, thus allowing it to be lubricated even when it is not in use.

Another solution that has come up is using WS2 lubricant for protective coatings on boat hulls. Tungsten disulfide, when mixed with hull paint, creates a thin yet strong protective layer on the hull. The paint is thus designed to protect the hull from the harsh friction of sea water. It is also designed to ensure smooth movement of the boat when it is travelling on water at high speeds. The WS2 paint also makes regular cleaning and maintenance much easier.

Once again, tungsten disulfide has proven to be a solution driven compound, enabling the creation of new protective coating products.

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