tungsten disulfide coating

May 9, 2018

Evaluating Different Dry Film Lubricants and Their Industrial Applications

Lubrication is a major challenge for manufacturers who deal with extreme working conditions. These conditions may include temperature extremes, low and high shaft speeds, low and high pressures, concentrated process and atmospheric contaminants, etc. Though mineral oil based fluid lubricants are the common lubrication choice for such applications, still they are limited by their operational efficiencies. These lubricants function as long as the shaft speeds, and surface areas allow effective formation of the oil film between the operating temperatures -20°C and 100°C (-4°F to 212°F). Now, you may ask how manufacturers are overcoming this challenge. The answer lies in d...
August 26, 2014

Why Tungsten Disulfide is the Leading Choice Among Industrial Lubricants

Are you looking for a dry film lubricant to protect your components against friction, wear and corrosion? Are you finding it difficult to choose from the range of lubricants available in the market? Well, the answer is extremely simple. The best dry film lubricant for your industrial applications is tungsten disulfide.