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Types of Timesaver Lapping Compound

Timesaver lapping compounds are ideal for applications wherein you do not want the compound to imbed into the metal surface. There is no emery, silicone-carbide, aluminum oxide or any other charging abrasive present in this compound.

Timesaver lapping compound can be used for soft as well as hard metals. Based on the application, this compound can be obtained in two main types:

  • Yellow Label Grade – For Soft Metals
  • Green Label Grade – For Hard Metals

Let us study these types in brief:

  • Yellow Label Grade: This type of Timesaver lapping compound is ideal for soft metals (Babbitt, bronze, brass, and aluminum). It is to be applied in the form of a thin paste after mixing it with light or medium oil. The surface should be oil-coated in order to avoid any dryness or roughness during the lapping process.
    This type of lapping compound is useful for products such as hot bearings, sleeve bearings, split bearings, and gears. The bearings can be lapped without any need for disassembly. Final flushing out of the lapped bearings is done with the help of diesel, solvent or even fresh oil. Directions for use are included with each container and you can download the Precision Finish Booklet from our website for additional information.
  • Green Label Grade: This type of Timesaver lapping compound is perfectly suited for hard metals such as cast iron, stainless steel, steel, and hard bronze. Lapping of this compound is to be done by mixing it with heavy oil or grease (in 1:3 ratios). When you need to get accurate fits in applications related to tool room, machine tool ways or valve seats, the Green Label Grade Timesaver lapping compound is your ideal choice. It is suitable for lapping cast iron bearings and gear units. As with the yellow label grades, directions for use are included with each container.

Both the Green and Yellow label Timesaver Lapping Compounds are available in four grades, Coarse for first/rough lapping, Medium for general lapping and Fine and Very Fine for finish lapping. Because the Timesaver Lapping Compounds breakdown as they are used, there is no need to clean you parts prior to switching grades. For more information, please visit our website,

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